Brandon Sharp, Lance Asher, Trent Stewart, Landon Reynolds

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Verse 1

Jesus, treated as a traitor
Broken was my savior
You took the blame
I know the cross was justifying
Every stripe was healing bearing my shame

Verse 2

You were silently embracing
The weight of every judgement
There on my cross
You did what only God could fathom
Every sin forgiven
How great is Your love


How could I not lift you up
Lift you up
You’ve proven time after time

Verse 3

You were guarded in a dark grave
Laid to rest for three days
Till You rose again
And soon You’re coming back in glory
Every eye beholding
The beginning and end


Truly, truly You are
Jesus the Son of God
All glory, honor, and power
To Jesus the Son of God


Jesus the Son of God
Jesus the Son of God