Resurrection Power

Resurrection Power


Brandon Sharp, Lance Asher, Trent Stewart

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Verse 1

I wasn’t looking
He freely chose me
I’m not a stranger anymore
His cross to show me
The love He carried
Gave me the reason to believe

Verse 3

The enemy thought
That it was over
Three days of darkness in the tomb
His heart was beating
God wasn’t finished
No grave could ever keep Him down
Jesus our God is risen now

Verse 2

When I was broken
I wouldn’t show it
When I was lost I couldn’t see
His endless mercy
Was always chasing
And now His light’s alive in me
I lift my hands up to the King


From death to life
Darkness to light
My future changed forever


You live
So I’m living
You breathe
So I’m breathing in Your resurrection power
Jesus Christ, my Savior

You won
So I’m winning
You rose
So I’m walking
In Your resurrection power
Jesus Christ, my Savior