On That Sunday Morning

On That Sunday Morning


Brandon Sharp, Lance, Asher, Trent Stewart

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Verse 1

Early that morning sun came rising up
Something felt different in the air
Even three days could not hold Jesus down
No body found, He wasn’t there


On that Sunday morning
The stone was rolled away
Your resurrection power
Was fully on display
No grave no death or darkness
Could ever keep You down
You shook the earth with the greatest miracle
On that Sunday morning
On that Sunday morning

Verse 2

It wasn’t just history, He’s here today
I’ve seen that resurrection power
Brought me from darkness to see greater light
He’s alive, so I’m alive


They saw an ending
But life was just beginning
Your Kingdom moving
Spreading into all of the world

I’ve looked for answers
In lonely places
But nothing could fill me
Till I saw your love face to face

I’ve got a future
It’s far from over
My life is new now
Only in Your power to save